Our Vision

“The vision of the Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (CEDE) is to become a model for economic development on a national,
as well as international level.”

The leaders of tomorrow solving the problems of today” This is our motto. By backing this up with the proper institutions and partnerships, and by always building and enhancing CEDE’s programs through community participation, we believe our work can become a model for other regions to follow.

We believe students, and young people in general, are the drivers of global change.  Because of this, two words are constantly engraved in our members’ minds: “What Next?”  As a result, our members possess the mind and determination to excel in developing and enhancing programs in order to make a difference in people’s lives. At the same time, by applying these principles our students further develop the personal and professional skills they will need to lead.  Taking advantage of this, the Center thrives to become a catalyst of economic development by matching these efforts and motivations with the necessary tools and resources in order to secure the success of each of these individual and group initiatives and endeavors.