Institute for Community Empowerment

Welcome to Tusculum College’s Institute for Community Empowerment

The Institute for Community Empowerment is a new initiative at Tusculum College.  The institute is a joint effort of the School of Business and the Center for Civic Advancement to be a resource for local nonprofit organizations and small businesses.  The institute believes that assisting nonprofits and small business will lead to more efficient and more engaged communities.  The institute will provide education, training, consulting, and service time to organizations in our local areas.  A major emphasis of the institute will be research, to understand what local communities need, how the resources can be used, and how all parties in a community can work together for the greater good.

In Fall 2014 the Institute held listening sessions with stakeholders in the local community. Following these sessions the following were determined as next steps.

  • Brownbag lunch sessions: These will be hour-long lunch time sessions offered during the work week and will be free of charge.* During these sessions there will be a 20-30 minute presentation on a topic with discussion following. These sessions will occur once a month. Currently we are targeting to host two sessions before Christmas. **
  • Seminars: These will be two to four hour long sessions offered on Saturdays for a minimal fee. Seminars will provide generalized training on specific topics. We are targeting to offer one seminar before Christmas. **
  • Short Courses: These courses will occur over two to three different meetings for a fee. Short courses are designed to be more specific, addressing particular needs of participants. We anticipate holding our first short course early 2015. **
  • Consulting: Consulting will be offered as-needed on either a flat-fee or hourly cost basis. Consulting will provide detailed and specific work with individual agencies. We anticipate offering consulting services beginning in early 2015.

In addition to these next steps the community identified several needs. A chart of those needs can be found here.

*Participants are asked to bring their own lunch to the meeting.

**Brownbag lunches, seminars and short courses will be available at multiple Tusculum Campuses either in person or through teleconference.