Civic Leadership and Engagement Minor

The purpose of the Civic Leadership and Engagement Minor is to give students both a theoretical and practical basis for understanding the relationship between civic engagement and effective leadership. This minor is open to any student of any minor.

Components of the Minor:

LDMC 201: Leadership in Student Organizations – 1 Credit Hour

Any other LDMC course offering – 1 Credit Hour

SVLN 340/HNRS 340: Service Learning Theory and Practice – 3 Credit Hours

SVLN 354 or SVLN 356 or a discipline specific Service Learning Course – 3 Credits

SVLN 455: Civic Arts Project/ Capstone – 3 Credit Hours


Choose 2 of the following:

BUSN 310: Non-Profit Management

CIVS 223: The Philosophy of Social Science Inquiry

HUMA 222: Philosophy through the Humanities

HUMA 330/HNRS 330: Cross Cultural Studies: The Developing World

MUSE 401: Seminar on Non-Profit Management

POLS 210: Comparative Government

RELG 201: World Religions