This minor is designed to strengthen and enhance the development of strong citizenship qualities and the habits of practical wisdom that are at the heart of Tusculum University ’s Civic Arts emphasis. Through the Civic Engagement minor, students will develop community-based research skills, increase their knowledge of public policy, and discover the connections between their major field of study and community interests and public policy.

This minor is open to all students in any major and is an excellent choice for students with interest in social action, civic responsibility, and/or public policy as well as students seeking to broaden their experience and scope of potential career opportunities within their major. The minor will be an expectation of students in the Bonner Leader program if their course schedules allow. In the program, students will gain an understanding of various methods of civic engagement, including the use of mapping technologies (GPS & GIS); participate in the democratic process; explore the dynamics of communities and the process of change; develop and implement a research project to address a social issue; and examine the issues of poverty, diversity, and social justice and reflect on the impact of these issues on themselves, the community, and society.

REQUIREMENTS (20 semester hours)
POLS 203
American Government
4 credits Basic understanding of structure and power.
PSYC 321
Community Psychology
4 credits Basic research methods, data collection, community-based research experience.
** Choose one course from approved list submitted by participating departments 4 credits Connection of student’s major field of study to understanding positive community change. Substitution form required.
SVLN 451
Civic Engagement Practicum
4 credits See course listings.
SVLN 455
Civic Arts Project/Capston Internship
4 credits See course listings.