Graduate & Professional Studies

Graduate and Professional Studies provides a variety of program choices for working adults looking to build on their education and to enhance their career opportunities.


In keeping with the mission of the College, the goal of the Special Education Program is one of service to the community. The Modified/Comprehensive Program leads to endorsement for licensure to teach special needs students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This program prepares teachers of students whose early needs focus on development of basic skills, those students who need educational programs that require an adaptation of the regular school curriculum, and/or students whose later needs focus on vocational and independent living skills. Sharing the same innovative framework as Tusculum’s other successful programs for working adults, students in the program will take one course at a time in a collaborative atmosphere open to adult learning styles. To best serve the community, the Special Education Program seeks to integrate the knowledge and skills in general education, professional education, special education core and concentrations with the Civic Arts philosophy of Tusculum.

Prospective teachers will:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills in human development and learning, including the study of individual differences.
  2. Develop a broad knowledge of the field of special education, including a study of various handicapping conditions.
  3. Demonstrate ability to initiate appropriate techniques to plan and implement successful programming for special need students.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, communicate effectively with parents and positively influence the education of all children.

The coursework in Special Education involves extensive practicum experiences. Well-planned practicum experiences provide students with varied placements that prepare them for successful student teaching.