Graduate & Professional Studies

Our reasonable tuition combined with our flexible scheduling, convenient locations, and quality programs can truly help you meet your goals.


Costs for the Graduate and Professional Studies Program:

Gateway Program
  Tuition $234.50 per semester hour
  Audit Fee $100 per course
Bachelor Degree Programs
  Tuition $341.50 per semester hour
  Audit Fee $100 per course
  Graduation Fee $100
Master Degree Programs
  Tuition $357 per semester hour
  Intent to enroll deposit $100
  Audit Fee $100 per course
  Graduation Fee $100
Other Charges
  Late payment fee $25
  Assessment Fee for Experiential
Learning & Life Experiences Essay
  Fee for Requested Portfolio Credit $50 per semester hour


(Fees subject to change without notice. Updated: 7/1/2014)


Charges are due at the beginning of each semester and are payable in full as a part of registration and as a condition for enrollment. No student is eligible to enroll for or to attend classes until registration is completed and all semester charges are paid. A student who is awarded financial assistance under federal, state, institutional, and/or private programs approved by the College may use documentary evidence of such award as a condition for registration. This privilege, however, does not relieve the student from completing payment in full when actual funds are received and, in any event, prior to the end of the semester.

Students or parents who prefer to pay educational expenses in monthly installments may want to consider Tusculum College’s Installment Plan. A description of the plan will be provided to each student with billing statements. For information or questions about the Installment Plan, please contact the Business Office.