Graduate & Professional Studies

Graduate and Professional Studies provides a variety of program choices for working adults looking to build on their education and to enhance their career opportunities.


16 semester hours.

The Human Resource Management Concentration offers a broad overview of the human resource function in three courses. If students are new to human resource management, or simply want to strengthen employee management skills, this program is designed to help by (a) enhancing HR knowledge and effectiveness, (b) clarifying key employment and labor laws, (c) promoting a better understanding of HR to non-HR staff, and (d) developing a common dictionary of HR terms for any organization. The essentials of recruiting, interviewing, testing, selecting, socializing, training, establishing pay and benefit plans, are important to all employees, both HR and non-HR. Understanding of workplace laws such as Equal Employment Opportunity, Occupational Safety and Health, Fair Labor Standards, Family Medical Leave, Americans with Disabilities and Veteran’s Reemployment is essential for everyone, whether students are employed by a for- profit, non-profit or government organization.

Foundation Course in the Major

MGMT 330. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. 4 semester hours.

Concentration Courses

MGMT 432. STAFFING THE ORGANIZATION. 4 semester hours.
This course provides an in depth look at the planning for and recruitment of human resources. It examines the process of selecting candidates and their placement. In addition, it considers the training and development of employees within the organization.

MGMT 434. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS. 4 semester hours.
This course examines how organizational pay structures are established, pay is used to recognize employee contributions and the importance of benefits to selection and retention of employees.

MGMT 436. EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW. 4 semester hours.
This course examines the legal environment in which all public and private organizations must operate and studies the American Labor