GPS Booklists


Booklists for the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Behavioral Health Concentration (BPBH) Program are listed below, by Cohort. A Description, the Location, Semester and any additional notes which pertain to each booklist are listed in the table.

Cohort Description Location Semester Notes
BP 009 BP 009 Knoxville SECOND
BP 008 BP 008 Morristown SECOND
BP 007 BP 007 Greeneville THIRD
BP 006 BP 006 Knoxville THIRD
BP 005 BP 005 Tri-Cities FOURTH
BP 004 BP 004 Knoxville FOURTH
BP 003 BP 003 Greeneville FOURTH
BP 002 BP 002 Morristown FOURTH
BP 009 BP 009 Knoxville FIRST