Graduate & Professional Studies

The series of portfolio classes that Tusculum College offers is the key to presenting your experiences as college level learning.


Tusculum College is one of many colleges in the United States that offers the opportunity to obtain credit for life experiences. Like other credit you will receive in college, this credit is not a gift; you have earned it.

The knowledge you have gained, the skills you have acquired, and the wisdom you have accumulated are equivalent in many ways to the training you would have received had you taken courses for college credit at the beginning of your adult life. The series of portfolio classes that Tusculum College offers is the key to presenting your experiences as college level learning.


Q: What is Portfolio?
The preparation of a Personal Portfolio encourages adult learners to have their previous professional training and life experiences evaluated for possible college credit.Comprised of six sections, the Portfolio requires that you present a record of all your previous college course work, military training, professional training (certificates of completion, verification of contact hours, and demonstration of course content), an autobiography and one or more Life Experience Essays.

Under the supervision of a Portfolio Instructor, the student organizes and presents the necessary documentation of professional training and submits it for validation to the Tusculum College Assessment Center.

Q: Why should I submit a Portfolio?
Most adult learners enter the Professional Studies curriculum lacking some credits toward graduation. By submitting evidence of Professional Training or Military Training or by preparing college level research essays to document college level learning derived from personal experience, students can earn up to 32 credits towards their degree.

Completing a portfolio allows you to capture college credit for significant and verifiable adult learning experiences without the need to take additional courses.

Q: When and where would I begin my Portfolio?
A Portfolio class, which meets three times and which is non-credit bearing, is offered multiple times each year in Knoxville, Morristown and Greeneville. The class is required for students who are preparing portfolios.

You must sign up for these classes by contacting Dr. Lisa Johnson:

Portfolio is an affordable opportunity to turn your adult learning experiences into college credit. There is a one time $200 assessment fee and each credit awarded is $50.

Q: Who will help you?
A portfolio instructor will be assigned to you and will help guide you through the documentation requirements, and the preparation of the required essays.  If you still have questions, sign up for a Portfolio series and have your instructor answer your specific questions.