This is what Tusculum College business students and alumni have to say about their educational experience:

“Attending Tusculum College I have learned to hone my social skills as well as the proper attire to wear during different business meetings. The teachers here will go out of there way to help you succeed.”

Brent Williams, Business Management Junior

“Future Tusculum Students can expect a caring atomosphere and teachers that will make sure you know the information.”

De’Erica Garrett, Business Major Junior

“Tusculum college armed me with the skills and knowledge to be successful in all post-college ventures thus far. The education I received opened many doors from which I have had the blessing to choose from. The many experiences on TC campus have given me valuable social and critical thinking skills that I use today. The men’s soccer program helped to further my character, such as teamwork, persistence, and dedication. Overall, Tusculum College has helped me become a more productive member of society.”

Trevor Lund

“What you can take from Tusculum is that I will get you ready for the real world environment quick fast and in a hurry. Things like meeting deadlines in seven days or actually getting very personal with teachers cause the class are small.”

Alex Valeri, Business Management Junior

“I can positively say Tusculum College has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.”

Emanuel, Business management Senior

“What you can expect when you get here are easy classes because they are very personal with teachers. Comparing Tusculum to my previous school is that your not expected to do well so the teachers don’t care about you. Here its a higher standard of learning.”

Jonnathan Knight, Business Accounting Junior

“Tusculum College is known as one of the oldest colleges in the country. What to expect when you get here is a developing college that can build your resume by all the required activities you have to take. Also this is a good school to transfer out of or to pursue masters degree at a graduate school.”

Richard House, Business Information Technology Senior

“What Tusculum has done for me is made me a more consistent worker that can work in a group as well as under pressure. Tusculum College has made me adaptable to any work environment.”

Dechey Williams, Business Management Student

“Tusculum College provides an environment where students and professors alike can build lasting relationships. As a student, the sky is the limit as you are able to network and build those relationships with encouragement and full support of Tusculum College and the Tusculum College Business Club.”

Bryson McCarter, Business Management & Accounting Junior

“Tusculum College business program taught me that working as a team creates a collective passion to compete and deliver for your teammates and ultimately your company. There is little innovation in like minded thinking, but a like minded goal will inspire innovation.”

JD Miller

“Well personally I have seen how close knit the teachers are with students. Tusculum business program has great staff and with the small class gives you the opportunity to communicate with teachers easily.”

Matthew Redic, Business Management Senior

“Tusculum College has taught me that there is more to just business then being social. Taking classes such as principle of management and economy is helping me prepare for the real world.”

Devin Starnes, Business Management Junior