The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – Chemistry concentration prepares students for a successful career in either mathematics or chemistry.

The program is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in mathematics, chemistry or an allied field.

Chemistry Concentration Curriculum Hours
CHEM 101/101L General Chemistry I (with Lab) 4
CHEM 102/102L General Chemistry II (with Lab) 4
CHEM/BIOL/EVSC 354 Service-Learning in the Natural Sciences 3
CHEM 411/411L Physical Chemistry I (with Lab) 4
CHEM 412 Physical Chemistry II 3
CHEM 495 Senior Seminar in Chemistry 3
PHYS 202/202L General Physics II (with Lab) 4
PLUS Two additional 200-level or higher courses in Mathematics or Chemistry minimum 6
Note: The General Education courses PHYS 201 and PHYS 201LL are required for the Chemistry Concentration.
Concentration Hours 31