Honors Program


Honors Program participants are required to complete the following curriculum, which includes a mixture of more traditional courses, discussion-based seminars, and a thesis to be done during their senior year.

To satisfy requirements for the Honors Program, students must complete 22 semester hours in required honors courses. A four (4) hour departmental Honors course may be substituted for the HNRS 301 Leadership course.

HNRS 101. Quest for Meaning

An interdisciplinary exploration of the question of meaning through close analysis of literary, philosophical, artistic, and religious materials. Particular attention will be given to the development of effective writing and critical thinking skills. This course will be offered in Block 4 of the freshman year and fulfills the Commons Humanities requirement. (4 hours credit)

HNRS 245. Special Topics Seminar

Semester-long seminars will provide students with opportunities to explore selected topics over extended periods of time with other Honors students. Seminar topics will vary by semester and will be selected and taught by professors who are passionate about their subject matter. Seminars may be interdisciplinary or team taught. Seminars will meet twice each block throughout a semester. Seminars may include extensive readings, creative and reflective writing, analysis of various media, off-campus field trips, guest speakers, and extensive class discussion. (1 hour to be repeated for four topics for 4 hours credit)

HNRS 330. The Hebrew and Christian Traditions

This course will acquaint the student with the dominant themes of the books of the Old and New Testaments, the process through which they became canonical, and the struggles down to the present time over the meaning and relevance for issues of social ethics. This course fulfills the Commons Religious Traditions requirement. (4 hours credit)

HNRS 380. The Political Traditions of the West

This course will acquaint the student with the republican tradition of responsible and virtuous citizenship and of the individual rights tradition as they were developed in Europe and America. Some consideration will be given to the relevance of these traditions for the world at large in the 21st century. This course fulfills the Commons Western Civic requirement. (4 hours credit)

HNRS 401. Honors Thesis

A substantial independent project that draws on skills developed in the major and represents significant intellectual work at an advanced level. The project must have a written component and be presented in a public forum. To be taken during the senior year. (2 hours credit)

Courses with approved Honors Components

Selected courses have an approved Honors component and fulfill the Commons Natural Science, Arts and Humanities, and Social Science requirements. (See catalog for the list of available courses)

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