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The Art and Design program is designed to prepare students for various careers in art.  There are four areas of concentrated study within the Art and Design program. They are Graphic Design,Studio Art, Digital Media and Art Education. This structure is designed so that students receive more concentrated training in their specific area of interest within the broad field of art. During their four years at Tusculum College, students in the Art and Design program build a strong base of knowledge necessary for work in their chosen area or for graduate school.

The Digital Media concentration continues Tusculum College’s long-standing tradition of preparing students for careers in media. From the first radio courses taught in 1947, to current offerings in digital content creation, the mission of the department has been to evolve along with the social and technological advancements of an ever-changing media landscape.

The Digital Media concentration will build upon the strong core courses (16 hours) of the Art and Design program that insure each student is properly prepared as a creative problem solver.

The 60-credit program includes a 36-credit core that teaches a solid foundation of digital media skills including 2D digital art such as illustration and conceptual design, and 3D skills that can be used in a wide variety of entertainment industries. The Digital Media concentration is primarily focused on the use of 3D software for artistic and professional studies that relate to the video game industry as well as feature film.

The remaining 8 hours of courses can be chosen from a variety of Art and Design courses as well as the research-intensive Digital Media research courses.