There are two routes to the completion of a Pre-Pharmacy degree at Tusculum.

The first is to complete concentration requirements as outlined below and the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree from Tusculum. A student can then apply for admission to the pharmacy school of his or her choice.

The second route is for the exceptional student. Upon completion of the pre-pharmacy requirements and acceptance to pharmacy school, students will be able to enroll at that pharmacy school and begin their studies. After the successful completion of one year (minimum of 36 semester hours) from an accredited pharmacy school, the student must submit an official transcript to the Tusculum Registrar’s Office documenting his or her successful completion of the first year of study. Upon review and approval, the student will then be awarded a B.S. degree in Biology, Pre-Pharmacy from Tusculum at the next regularly scheduled graduation.

For more information regarding course requirements, please refer to the Tusculum University Catalog.