The Biology program is designed for students with broad interests in the biological sciences to prepare them for further studies in the health professions or in graduate research.


At Tusculum, the Biology Core Curriculum is required for all students in the Bachelor of Science in Biology major program or in one of the concentrations.


Biology Core Curriculum Hours
* BIOL 110/110L General Biology I (with Lab) 4
BIOL 120/120L General Biology II (with Lab) 4
BIOL 201/201L Genetics (with Lab) 4
BIOL 202/202L Microbiology (with Lab) 4
BIOL 315/315L Cellular and Molecular Biology (with Lab) 4
BIOL/CHEM/EVSC 354 Service-Learning in the Natural Sciences 3
BIOL/CHEM/EVSC 480 Global Environmental and Health Issues 3
BIOL 495 Senior Seminar in Biology 3
CHEM 101/101L Gneral Chemistry I (with Lab) 4
CHEM 102/102L General Chemistry II (with Lab) 4
* From the Natural Sciences core of the General Education curriculum.
Core Hours 33


The Biology major has an additional 20 hours of coursework. Along with a rigorous background in biology, physics and chemistry are also stressed.

Biology Major Curriculum Hours
* BIOL 205/205L EVSC 205/205L Plant Biology (with Lab) 4
BIOL 211/211L EVSC 211/211L Organismic Biology (with Lab) 4
BIOL 220/220L Zoology (with Lab) 4
BIOL 301/301L EVSC 301/301L Ecology (with Lab) 4
BIOL 320/320L EVSC 320/320L Biogeography (with Lab) 4
* NOTE: MATH 140 Elementary Statistics from the General Education Core is required for the major.
Major Hours 20