The Environmental Science concentration is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the biological, ecological, and chemical factors governing the relationship between an organism and its environment.

Graduates with this concentration could seek employment with industry, state, and local regulatory agencies, municipalities, and other environmental agencies or continue graduate studies in the field.

Environmental Science Concentration Hours
EVSC 111/111L Environmental Science (with Lab) 4
EVSC 209/CHEM 209 Environmental Chemistry 3
BIOL 201/201L Genetics (with Lab) 4
EVSC 211/211L BIOL 211/211L Organismic Biology (with Lab) 4
EVSC 301/301L BIOL 301/301L Ecology (with Lab) 4
EVSC 302 Environmental Assessment 3
POLS 440 Environmental Law and Public Policy 3
NOTE: MATH 140 Elementary Statistics from the General Educa- tion Core is required for the major.
Concentration Hours 21